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Double world
Mayfair, London
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Blood of a poet
Highgate cemetery
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Southwark, London
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I origin
Highgate cemetery
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St James and Abney Park
  • Created by: Elisa Miller
  • Completed on: 2018
  • Location: London


Short stories

Photography is super interesting, but I guess it's in my blood to want to experiment with different things and go a step further.

If we already have met, you probably know that I am a huge fan of David Lynch. His work, either with his films than his paintings, had a real impact on me since my teenage years. Also, I am fascinated about what has led him from painting to cinema.

He told that one day, he was smoking a cigarette in his painting studio, looking and getting lost in his thoughts in front of a large size canvas he was working on, when he started to hear a whistle, like wind, coming from it. He can swear that he has seen some leaves starting to move in the painting. Since then, he has been obsessed with the idea of a moving painting with sound... Well, I guess he kinda succeeds to achieve his vision haha.

When I started going around London with my camera, the Acid Dream project has come to my mind (oh! Please, don't get me wrong with my Lynch reference! No comparison obviously), I wanted to tell the stories some places have whispered to me. Because when you take a photo, you don't shoot what you see, you shoot what you feel.