I am Elisa Miller, a London based artist working with photography and short film

"Born and raised in Paris, Elisa has started to work behind the camera only after her arrival to London, 5 years ago. She had a few years of a successful career as a 1950s style pin-up model in France, where she has been on the cover of many magazines, on the poster of large trade fairs and on bottles of beers and sodas in supermarkets all around the country.

Her interest in vintage aesthetics has definitely given her a retro universe, that she explores in a personal way, playing with lights, colours and elaborated sceneries, with a strong cinematic feel.

For her latest project, Silencio, Liz staged photographs with different characters inspired by the films she loves. She has worked very young in a video rental store, her first artistic influence was coming from filmmakers such as David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick before starting working with photography. She loves how a photograph can capture a fleeting moment in time and narrate a story without a sound… Silencio!"

I hold a degree in graphic design and web development, and I work as an art director for a fashion brand in London. Check out my other website : avrilaparis.com

If you have any project, reach me via my contact page, I would love to hear from you!


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